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Apple releases iOS 6.1

Apple iOS 6.1

The latest iPhone, iPod touch and iPad software update is ready and its called iOS 6.1, released on Monday 28 January. Mostly concerned with tweaking existing functionality and fixing bugs than adding anything too dramatic to what you got with iOS 6. However, it does add a few bits and bobs, so let’s take a closer look.

iOS 6.1 - LTE support increased

The most significant change in iOS 6.1 is that LTE support has been increased adding LTE capabilities to 36 additional iPhone carriers and 23 additional iPad carriers around the world, so even more iPhone 5, iPad mini and iPad with Retina display users can experience ultrafast wireless performance to browse, download and stream content at blazing fast speeds. To date, iOS users have uploaded over nine billion photos to Photo Stream, sent over 450 billion iMessages and received over four trillion notifications. 
LTE is the type of 4G connectivity you’ll find in the iPad mini, iPad 4 and iPhone 5.
Apple says that an additional 36 networks will now be able to offer 4G for iPhones, and an additional 23 networks for iPads.

iOS 6.1 - Improved Siri

The iOS voice assistant is now able to plug into movie service Fandango to let you buy film tickets within Siri itself. 

iOS 6.1 – iTunes Match

According to Apple, those subscribing to iTunes Match can now download individual songs from iCloud, rather than just full albums. This will give you finer control over how much of your phone’s internal memory is taken up with your Match’d up tunes.

iOS 6.1 – Advertising Identifier

Apple has introduced a new security option within iOS 6.1’s security menu. You can now manually reset your iOS device’s Advertising Identifier. 

This is the identifier that third parties can use to track your device to an extent, tailoring ads for you. Being able to reset it manually is rather like flushing the cookies in your computer’s browser.
The revolutionary App Store offers more than 800,000 apps to iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users, with more than 300,000 native iPad apps. App Store customers have downloaded over 40 billion apps, and Apple has paid over seven billion dollars to its incredible developer community. Customers can choose from apps in 23 categories, including newspapers and magazines offered in Newsstand, games, business, news, sports, health & fitness and travel.

When are you upgrading to iOS 6.1?

Workshop on PhoneGap and HTML5 at Aitrich

What does the proliferation of different mobile and tablet platforms and devices mean for developers entering the industry ? Are they offering opportunities or more problems ?

Whatever it is for developers, the companies find it more challenging to be reached to all their customers regardless of the mobile platforms they choose. They are always in the lookout for a way of developing single app and run it anywhere as if they are native to the host platform. Many technologies are springing up following this idea and PhoneGap is a real promise.
PhoneGap is an HTML5 app platform that allows you to author native applications with web technologies and get access to APIs and app stores. PhoneGap leverages web technologies developers already know best... HTML and JavaScript. Without having to deep dive into the complexities of native platforms, which makes mastering the mobile development tougher, PhoneGap allows the developers to leverage their web skills into mobile app development easily.

PhoneGap currently supports the following platforms..

PhoneGap developers are increasingly in demand and getting paid handsomely, competing to iPhone and Android developers. The trends say that companies will eventually prefer PhoneGap developers over native mobile developers as the platform is getting matured in every release, and now it is under the safe umbrella of Adobe Systems Inc.
Being a relatively new technology, there is not enough training providers for PhoneGap. Aitrich Technologies, the pioneers of cross-platform mobile development company located at the South Indian state of Kerala, recently conducted an introductory workshop on PhoneGap and related technologies including HTML 5, as part of promoting awareness on Cross-platform Mobile App Development. Their training division provides inhouse as well as corporate training for major web and mobile technologies including PhoneGap. AppsGala, representing their Mobile Development Division showcasing their works and skillset in the area.

Students from number of colleges across Kerala and Tamil Nadu gathered at Aitrich Technologies office at Thrissur with the hope and eagerness to learn about the latest of the latest technology in Mobile Application Development. And the workshop did not disappoint them.

The Aitrich Mobile Web team shared their wealth of experience in this specialized technology area to the audience, guided them through a tour on Mobile Development, different mobile and tablet platforms, HTML 5, the new super star in the Mobile Web, and finally the art of building cross-platform applications using PhoneGap, in a very simple and easy-to-understand manner.

The program got kicked off at 10:30 with the introduction by Anish Narayanan Kutty followed up by Ullas Mohan providing the audience an idea about Mobile development and the years leading to the current trend in application development.

The next session was about HTML5 and how it is redefining the way we design our websites and applications. The session handled by Shafi was a crowd favourite as it gave an insight into the designing aspects with number of games shown as examples. They were also given a lot of information about the designing aspects and how HTML5 is ready to conquer the world with its light weight tools and easy to use tags.

The final session was handled by the Mobile Web team leader Shafi, who gave the audience an idea about PhoneGap and how it works. The fact that PhoneGap allows you to “Build Once and Deploy Many times” was a clincher. The students were really motivated to learn more about PhoneGap and through the interactive sessions it was evident that the students were serious with PhoneGap as a career. Mobile Web is definitely a thing for the future. With the ever growing density of smartphones across the globe the next hottest job market is definitely mobile application development and mobile website development.

Cross-platform mobile develeopment is definitely the way forward. Aitrich Technologies, being the pioneers in PhoneGap application development and PhoneGap training in India is showing the way forward to the young IT aspirants.

Aitrich provides customised training packages on mobile and web technologies including PhoneGap, in house and onsite locations. The students are often placed or acquired on completion of the program. As part of the Aitrich Professional Network[APN], the graduates are exposed to various career development opportunities including project experience, apps-development opportunities, contract and permanent employment opportunities. Aitrich Trained Professionals had always been in demand, as a result of the high quality of training and exposure provided at their development environment.

Visit Aitrich Corporate Web site - http://www.aitrich.com
AppsGala - Celebration of Apps

HTML5 blossoms @aitrich

About HTML5:-
 It is the fifth revision of the HTML standard, created in 1990 and standardized as HTML4 as of 1997 and as of September 2011 is still under development. Its core aims have been to improve the language with support for the latest multimedia while keeping it easily readable by humans and consistently understood by computers and devices (Web browsers, parsers , etc.). HTML 5 is device independent with respect to a mobile and a personal computer. 
HTML 5 is a great combination of HTML, CSS and JavaScript which is a dream combination for any software and mobile developer. It is extremely user friendly, a result of being customer friendly. 
We at aitrich Technologies understand the scope and opportunities available with the use and knowledge of HTML5. The updations which are being done on a daily basis and which is to be completed by 2022 provides a challenge of huge proportions. aitrich as an organizations fueled by the young guns are taking up this challenge and so far we have come out with flying colors as the poster may suggest. Our soon to be published aitrich mobile application had an heavy influence of HTML5, an application which has being appreciated by one and all. Our junior team comprising of Shafi PS, Jinas and Manaf who where ably led by Ullas and Shafi had a great learning experience on the project
Shafi PS quotes " As students we were initially overwhelmed by the challenge, our seniors maintained a great positive team atmosphere, enabling us to learn from our challenges and completing our project in time. HTML5 provides a challenging experience completed by an urge to learn, a fun and creative tool allowing us great future opportunities
Manaf adds " HTML5 is a challenge which we overcame through learning the basics and other relevant aspects of HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, jQuery mobile and applying the stuff we learned into practice. Overall a great learning experience"

Mobile War - "Apple Vs Android"

iphone v/s android..
Its an all out war out here. On one side we have a rage and on the other we have a competitor who is as strong if not stronger. Its high time we analyze the strength of android which is powered by the ever growing and highly innovative brand of Samsung ( leader among the pack ). The article quotes that Samsung could use Android in every sector in which it is involved. Go through the article and analyze it for yourself.
Should Apple be worried about Samsung?


Steve Jobs- A Tribute

Steve Jobs- A visionary, forefather of the digital age, countless innovations….

Some of the phrases related to the great man who left us for heavenly abode on 5th October 2011. Somehow I feel Steve Paul Jobs is a synonym for innovation. He was some one who went beyond the normal and provided people with luxuries no one would have dreamt off. As he said to a magazine, “A lot of times, people don't know what they want until you show it to them.” That is one of the principles he worked with. He was an innovator par excellence. He bought to the common man products which changed his outlook towards technology. No one would forget the trademark blue jeans and black t-shirt clad product presentations which were a treat to watch. His way of presentation and sense of humour would give an edge to any product.
 Apple under his leadership has been at the centre of innovation for decades now. He redefined how we use the mobile phone with the introduction of iphone in 2007. It was not just a phone, it was a phone, a music player and above all a internet communicator. Multi touch was a thing of the future, Apple bought it to us. ipad wasn’t a thing which was a necessity but large crowds forming long queues three days prior to the launch of ipad showed that it was nothing short of a rage with the world and it only added to the legacy of this great man leading a great company. Every product coming from the Apple office is keenly awaited and taken up with both hands.
The success story started from the family garage and led to the large Silicon Valley office. It would be a fairy tale for many but it was more of a hard working, never give up attitude to a yearning to be the best and providing the customer something that they never imagined would be possible. As Steve Jobs himself said “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” He followed the path of innovation and we all know how he redefined the word leadership.
From a marketers point of view Steven Paul Jobs created markets and product categories. He altered the way we consumed products and entertainment. He absolutely changed the perception that technology is complex and for the young. He defied market research, never believed in the normal conventional products, he wanted to be the best, give the best possible product to the customer. These are qualities rarely found in a leader.  

The Steve Jobs way of working was to take risks, venture into the unknown. Can you think of another person who would have had the vision to take his company into uncharted waters like a mobile phone with no keypad, which no market research had showed any demand for, and then change the world with that? Or who'd have the courage to bet upon and live with one, just one, model to take on the world's phone vendors... and then to edge them out, with the world's most brilliant, and most profitable smart phone? All these things speak volumes of the man’s spirit to be the best and a way to tell the world that he will not settle for anything less than the best. It is also clearly seen with the way he left Apple for almost 12 years before returning with greater vigor and energy. In between he was the leader of Pixar Animation Company involved in producing animation movies like Toy Story (a franchise now) and also a recipient of numerous awards for a number of films.
His list of achievements can go on and on. His words of wisdom could make up a book (a sure bestseller), his innovative ideas have changed the world if not generations, he was the face of the most recognizable brand of the world. No words can describe this legendary figure who made the ugly world of technology look good.
Surely the great man has left a great void in the world of innovation. You have been a legend, a true role model. Hats off to you Sir. May your soul Rest In Peace.

InfoQ: SlideShare migrates from Flash to HTML5

Posted by Alex Blewitt on Sep 27, 2011

Today, Slideshare, the popular on-line presentation hosting site, completed its transition to using HTML5 instead of Flash for its eponymous slide sharing utlity.
Previously, browsers had to have Adobe Flash installed in order to view presentations on their site. However, with the advance of HTML5, and an increasing amount of traffic from (mobile) browsers without Flash support, the transition to HTML5 meant that SlideShare could be ahead of the competitors in terms of the delivery of components for other browsers.

Not only that, but the slides load 30% faster ...

Aitrich Technologies Onam celebration on 8th September

This year’s Onam celebrations at aitrich technologies is going to be a grand affair. We, the recreation team take the privilege to invite you all to the grand Onam celebration which is going to be conducted on 8th September 2011.
The main centre of festivities will be in our reputed company's Office at Thrissur. Our Onam celebrations will be started at 8.00am with ‘Athapookkalam’ creation. Followed by this, we have arranged a number of fun filled competitions in groups. The winning team and participants of the Game events will be honoured. There will be a delicious “ONASADHYA”.
The activities and feasts are followed by various cultural Performances. Anyone can participate in this Event. It’s the Stage for unleash our potentials. Participants will be awarded with surprising gifts.
We whole heartedly welcome you all to this grand occasion and cordially request all the support and participation from your side to make the program a great success.

Program Schedule

8.00 am: Pookkalam Creation
10.00am: Games
12.50pm: Prize Distribution
1.00pm: Onam Sadhya
3.00pm: Cultural Program


Pookkalam will be created by the members of the Aitrich technologies.
The pookkalam committee is Shaheer, Ullas, Sreejith, Faris,Sabu, Prasanth, Dipin.


We divide our Staffs as 4 Team (Atham, Chithira, Chothi, Vishagam). The Team has selected by lot :-). Students will be selected for each team, during the beginning of Onam Celebration.
The responsibility for dividing the students to team is taken by Reshmy and Precy with the help of four team leaders.

Games Details

1: Bubble Handling:

Name itself describe what it is...    It is the game of sucking the ball with help of straw and dropping    in another vessel. 3 minute are given in this game.
At a time one member from each team can participate. Like that 4 rounds are taken place.
& which team drops dropped maximum balls in the vessel get 10 points. Second team will get 5 point. Third Team will get 3 points.

2: Sundharikku Pottukuthal:

A Beautiful baby will be placed in front. It’s the activity of marking the fore head of the beautiful baby without opening the eyes.  Maximum 30Minutes are given for this game.
4 Members from each Team can be participated for this game. The game has certain rules and regulations and that will be announced at that time.

3: Dumb Charades:

Giving dumb actions to the contest. To recognize the word (Film Name) that was written in the card. 30 Minutes are given to this game. At a time 3 Persons can be participated and 3 rounds are taken place.
The game has certain rules and regulations and that will be announced at that time. 

4: Spoon Racing:
Conducting race with spoon and Lemon. Person has to walk placing the lemon in the spoon and have to return to the original place without dropping the lemon. And drop it into the vessel kept.
1 Prize is given to team who having as much as lemon in the vessel and time is limited for each round as 5 Minutes. At a time 1 member can participate from each team and like that 3 Rounds are taken place.

5: Musical Chair:

Chair is provided along with music. We have to select our seat when the music stops.
All members in each team should be participated. Like other games and it’s also have a certain rules and regulations. This is conducting as an Team event. And Details of the game should be announced at that time.

The team for Organizing and Controlling the games are: Shaheer, Ullas Mohan, Sreejith, Prasanth U, Vineeth, Figi, Pracy, Selmath, Lali and Jisha.

Prize Distribution

There will be a prize distribution ceremony for honouring the winner team and participants of the Game events.


The grand food, ONASADYA” is served on a banana leaves in a traditional manner. ONASADYA contains numerous dishes ranging from the spicy ‘avial’ to the sweet ‘pal payasam’.
The team for Co-ordinating “ONASADYA”: Ameer, Ratheesh, Dipin, Sreejith, Faris, Prasanth P, Noushad, Nasar, Shafi ps,Manaf and Jinas.

They will treat your palate to an unforgettable spread of traditional specials prepared by Kannan sami.

Cultural programs

After “ONASADYA”, we have arranged various cultural performances. The cultural programs include Thiruvathira Kaly, Vanchy Pattu, Group Song, Skit, Onappattu, Mappila pattu etc. Any Person can participate in this Event. It’s the Stage for unleash our Potentials. Participants will get surprising gifts.

Co-ordinators - Nasar, Shaheer, Ullas, Shafi VK,Fristo, diljith,Favas, Anjali, Selmath, Precy, etc

Photograph Team

Faris, Shafi, Sabu, Jinas, Vipin

Blog + Social network Updating Team.

Faris, Shafi, Sabu, Shaheer and Ullas.

NB: Even though we have co-ordinates. Each individual have to come forward and must make the occasion a grand success.