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About HTML5:-
 It is the fifth revision of the HTML standard, created in 1990 and standardized as HTML4 as of 1997 and as of September 2011 is still under development. Its core aims have been to improve the language with support for the latest multimedia while keeping it easily readable by humans and consistently understood by computers and devices (Web browsers, parsers , etc.). HTML 5 is device independent with respect to a mobile and a personal computer. 
HTML 5 is a great combination of HTML, CSS and JavaScript which is a dream combination for any software and mobile developer. It is extremely user friendly, a result of being customer friendly. 
We at aitrich Technologies understand the scope and opportunities available with the use and knowledge of HTML5. The updations which are being done on a daily basis and which is to be completed by 2022 provides a challenge of huge proportions. aitrich as an organizations fueled by the young guns are taking up this challenge and so far we have come out with flying colors as the poster may suggest. Our soon to be published aitrich mobile application had an heavy influence of HTML5, an application which has being appreciated by one and all. Our junior team comprising of Shafi PS, Jinas and Manaf who where ably led by Ullas and Shafi had a great learning experience on the project
Shafi PS quotes " As students we were initially overwhelmed by the challenge, our seniors maintained a great positive team atmosphere, enabling us to learn from our challenges and completing our project in time. HTML5 provides a challenging experience completed by an urge to learn, a fun and creative tool allowing us great future opportunities
Manaf adds " HTML5 is a challenge which we overcame through learning the basics and other relevant aspects of HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, jQuery mobile and applying the stuff we learned into practice. Overall a great learning experience"


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